Which is more versatile? Air Jordan 1 or Air Jordan 3?

Most Versatile Jordan 1 or Jordan 31985 Air Jordan Promo Card

The picture that started it all! Sneakerheads all over the world know what this photo of Michael Jordan is and signifies. It is the inspiration behind the birth of the sneaker culture community; but which Air Jordan silhouette is the G.O.A.T when it comes to merging the sneaker world, with the rest of the world? Check out our insight into how "Air Jordans" have become a staple in everyday culture and fashion. 

Most Versatile Jordan 1 or Jordan 3Air Jordan 3 "Tinkers" x Air Jordan 1 High OG "Game Royal"

There are 2 main Air Jordan models that are more timeless than all the others in many people's eyes, the Air Jordan 1 and the Air Jordan 3. Whether you are going to the store, photo-shoot, or even the Met Gala, it seems that no matter what the ensemble is, none of these would be a bad choice. Fashion is statement in any country and these sneakers definitely add a more pronounced statement with a retro Air Jordan sneaker highlighting your outfit.

Most Versatile Jordan 1 or Jordan 3Air Jordan 1 "Pine Green"

The Air Jordan 1 was first produced for Michael Jordan in 1984 and was designed by Peter C. Moore. Outlawed by then-NBA Commissioner David Stern for no following the sneaker color guidelines, made the model even more popular. The Air Jordan I was originally released from 1985 to 1986, with re-releases (known as "retros"). The popularity carried with the re-releasing of Air Jordan 1 models to where they were seen everywhere on everyone, young or old. Arguably the best high cut sneaker ever...

Most Versatile Jordan 1 or Jordan 3Air Jordan 1 "Pine Green" X 8and9 MFG Co.

Most Versatile Jordan 1 or Jordan 3Air Jordan 3 "Chi All Star" 2020

As time passed and Jordan Brand and Nike started to release more models over time, some felt a saturation of retro number releases from Jordan, (1-23 original collection). Some models stood the test of time and moved fluidly with fashion and culture, tied at the top of the list fighting for the number 1 spot is the Air Jordan 3 model. From insane collaborations and themed colorways based off of MJ's career, the Air Jordan 3 is the "favored" best mid sneaker of all Jordan releases.

Most Versatile Jordan 1 or Jordan 3Air Jordan 3 "UNC" x 8and9 MFG Co.

This is an extreme amount of pressure for us to put on our readers, because this is a tough decision, both of these Jordan models are timeless. Who would have known that MJ would be responsible for making the signature sneaker that would change fashion and culture as we know it. From sweatsuit to a 3 piece suit, the Jordan 1 or Jordan 3 would be a nice accent to any choice. Let us know in the comments which silhouette you are voting for or if we left out any heavy runner ups?

Posted: Jul 27 2020
by: Mike R

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