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Is Nike's "What The" design overrated?

by Mike R

What-the-Nike-SB-Dunks-2007-BannerNike SB "What The Dunks" 

Nike has always been an innovator in the sneaker community since day one. Integrating bright colors, imported materials, designer labels and more creative ideas is what helps Nike stand alone, however some designs work on some silhouettes better than others; at least that's how WE feel. One method that Nike has somewhat "stamped" as their most creative design is the "What The" design. This idea revolves around one of the most sought after and truly expensive Nike OG release of the design of all time, the Nike SB "What the Dunks" low dropped in 2007. The "What the" idea uses hyped releases from the same model over years and incorporates them into 1 model. The insane out the box design by James Arizumi took the world by storm with these multi colored paired Nike SBs with the left sneaker one set of colors and the right one another set of colors but all the same hype. Since this release Nike has added the "What the" design to many other lifestyle and basketball models. Here are some of our likes and dislikes from over the years.

What-the-Nike-SB-Dunks-2007Like: Nike SB "What The" Dunks Low (Release 2007)

The O.G, is definitely getting the much deserved love from us at number 1 here. This release has to many hyped release patterns involved in them, from the Staple pigeon to the elephant print toe front from the Supreme release makes these the true Nike SB Grail. Don't love these, are you really a sneakerhead? 

What-the-KD-6-&-What-the-Lebron-11-2014Dislike: Nike "What the KD" 6 x Nike "What the Lebron" 11 Elite (Release 2014)

It's no secret that Kevin Durant and LeBron James have had some less than appealing models over the years, for us, these are them. These 2 releases had what we feel some forced release patterns in there, but its hard to turn down a "What the" release knowing it's a hyped release. If you're looking for dope kicks to ball in though, these are definitely a have. These may be for you, we feel a little differently.

What-the-Kobe-8-2013Like: Nike "What The Kobe" 8 (Release 2013)

R.I.P. to the G.O.A.T. Kobe had some dope inspired releases with his models from Nike. These "What the Kobe" 8 release are a grail for those who collect this signature design. Perfect with pants, shorts or even on the court, these are a must have just in general. 

Air-Jordan-5-What-The-Release-Date-2020Mixed Feelings: Air Jordan "What the 5" (Release 2020)

New and the latest member to the "What the" design would be the Air Jordan 5. This release has us under mixed reviews and we can see why. These colors on this release is a little hard on the eyes, however just knowing some major limited releases grace the upper on this release like the "Tokyo 5," "Raging Bull," and the "Bel-Air 5s." Don't know if these are a cop or what but these are definitely getting added to the "What the" collection. Leave us your thoughts on these releases and if you agree or disagree with our likes and dislikes.

Air-Jordan-4-Retro-SE-What-TheLike: Air Jordan "What the 4" (Release 2019)

What!? Yes, even the Air Jordan 4 model wasn't safe from the "What the" trend. This release is a clean summer sneaker, the clean mixtures of colors on a white base is true sunshine flex vibes. We also have conflicting views on this release but they are Air Jordan 4s...

nike-what-the-kyrie-s1hybrid-2017Like: Nike Kyrie S1 Hybrid (Release 2017)

Just an assortment of release colors and designs can be labeled a "what the" release since that is all it is, a clash or releases. These Kyrie S1 release has the "what the" vibe printed all over it, literally. These actually are not that bad but that's cause we are looking at these as another dope pair to ball in cause the exclusivity of finding these now, kind of tough.

Nike-What-The-Lebron-10-MVPLike: Nike "What the MVP" LeBron X (Release 2013)

LeBron James probably has the cleanest and iconic release other than the O.G. dunks. These Nike Air "What the MVP" Lebron X inspired by LeBron's fourth MVP award in 2013. The packaging that graced this memorable release made us love the sneaker even more. This release is definitely in our like pile.

What the Air max 95 greedy 2.0Like: Nike Air Max '95 "Greedy" 2.0 (Release 2020)

Nike's runners are the exception to this style being played out, we wish the put the "what the" design on many more styles of runners. The Nike Air Max 95 "Greedy" 2.0 are the second installment of the design making its way to lifestyle runners. This release lays over a white leather as opposed to the dark grey suede on the Nike Air Max 95 "What the 95" release back in 2018. If you didn't already assumed we liked these alot, are you even reading along? Let us know what you guys think in the comments.

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