8&9 Summer 2015 - Ruffians Collection - Ontario Sun Beams

8&9 MFG. Co. Summer ’15 Ontario Sunbeams. The Ruffians cut & sew collection is available online now. With it’s release we’re offering a look through Justin Butts at “The Mystic Cheese Factory” with @nickylifestyles @sirwaltgrizzly

The Ruffians Collection features US made cut & sew pieces like the perfect tees, terry jerseys and shorts as well as a light weight cotton baseball jersey for summer. Shop the full collection HERE: http://shop.8and9.com Type RUFFIANS to save 25% on your purchase.

The location was a little sketchy, deserted, marshy. Security was sleep, literally so disregard him, we skipped the pond, scaled the building and made our entrance. To see how check http://soundcloud.com/sirwaltgrizzly Follow @8and9 @justinbuttsfilm @nickylifestyles @sirwaltgrizzly

Posted: Jul 02 2015
by: Napps Pascal

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