Team8and9 A Trip To Niketown NYC

by Ray Figgs

Niketown is a Five-level megastore that sells all types of Nike and Jordan Brand sneakers, including customizable options, plus sportswear. Despite living in NYC my entire life I've only been there a few times. I once customized a few pairs of Dunks there and loved the experience but I haven't been back since. I recently purchased a pair of Nike SB dunks off of and I decided not to keep them. I read the return instructions very carefully and it stated that I could return the product at any Nike store. I figured instead of sending it back I would return it to Niketown NYC location. 

As soon as I walked in immediately my eyes were attracted directly to A gigantic screen in front of 4 people running on treadmills. There was a instructor encouraging them while on the screen it showed actual images of roads in Hawaii! It looked so crisp and realistic, I was really impressed! After checking that out for a few minutes, I then headed to the top floor for a quick glance at the Jordan and Nike Men's sections.

I quickly looked thru the Nike section and a few things caught my eye. Nike Air Command Forces were available in multiple colorways, as well as a few a pair of Premium dunks. The Jordan Brand section had laser 4s, 20s and 1s. And a bunch of colorways of the Jordan 1 Mid and High. Nothing that I was willing to use my store credit on so I headed back downstairs to return the kicks and get the cash back on my card. The process was quick and easy, and I was on my way to pay about $10 just to park for a half hour, lol. Stay tuned for more adventures with Team 8and9!


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