Jordan 7 Hare Shirts - Keys - Daytona

by Ray Figgs

We have new Jordan 7 Hare shirts in stock right now! Did you get your hands on the Jordan Hare 1s? Are you looking to cop a pair of the Jordan 7 Hare 2015 release, or do you already have the 2008 CDP release? Either way we've got you covered! These are the best shirts to match these releases. Check out these new tees Jordan 7 hare shirts by your favorite streewear crew in the game.

This is the Daytona 2.0 shirt to match Jordan Hare 7 and the Hare 1 release. Inspired by the races, keep it 500.  Huge front and back hits along with both sleeve hits. Super clean, crispy graphic shipping now! One of the best Jordan 7 Hare shirts on the market! Click here to buy this Daytona 2.0 Jordan 7 Hare shirt here!


Looking for something a little cleaner to match your Jordan Hares? This is another perfect shirt to match Hare 1s or the Jordan Hare 7 release. Simplicity always reigns supreme. Our classic Keys logo front and back with the Jordan 7 Hare treatment. Simple, clean, and shipping now! Click here to grab this Jordan 7 Hare shirt while supplies last! 

What do you think about the 2015 Jordan 7 Hare release? Did you grab the Jordan Hare 1 or Jordan Hare 7? How does the 2008 release compare to the 2015? Let us know what you think in our comment box.


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