8&9 Eats: Dinosaur BBQ Harlem NY

by Marino M

When you think of Harlem, it depends who you ask, there's a rich history behind the city. Think Harlem Renaissance, the huge cultural movement.  Ask someone else then they'll say Diddy, Dame Dash, Dapper Dan, and the Hip-Hop culture. Needless to say, it's one of my favorite neighborhoods that's recently become gentrified.

Enter Dinosaur BBQ, a charming restaurant that's located right off the 1/2/3 train off of 125th Street that's near the Hudson River and a beautiful waterfront park. This was my second visit and I'll tell you, if you plan to dine here, it's best to have a reservation as the place is becoming increasingly popular amongst locals and tourists.

The menu offers variety when it comes to BBQ, Beers (over 25 options), Cocktails and even Vegetarian options.  Not sure what to get? Then try the sampler menu which offers you a selection of 2-3 meats plus  2 sides which is totally worth the price!

I started with an appetizer of wings (Wango Tango flavored), a pint of Dogfish 90 min ipa beer, and the sampler which included St Louis BBQ ribs, beef brisket, and 1/4 of chicken, it was well served and garnished nicely. 

The above segment of our 8&9 Eats series was written and photographed by Marino of our Team 8and9 NYC division. We'll definitely revisit Dinosaur BBQ this summer. Stay tuned for more installments of 8&9 Eats! Check out more pics below!


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