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Top Jordan Brand Collaborations

by Mike R

Air Jordan 1 x Union LAAir Jordan 1 x Union LA (Released 2018)

Jordan Brand has had their share of collaborations over the years from many brands, big or small. It all started in 2005 and has continued to gather more and more traction to which some collaborations shoot up into the thousands. Many of the releases from Jordan Brand and other companies were some of the hardest releases to ever obtain, to a sneakerhead, that's half the fun. Here I have some of our personal favorites and some real game-changers that started the whole "Grails" world.

Air-Jordan-4-UNDFTDAir Jordan 4 x Undefeated (Released 2005)

Here we have Jordan Brands 1st collaboration from a brand that showed its roots into the community, UNDEFEATED. The Cali based brand got their hands on the Jordan 4 model with creative directs back in 2005 and the rest is history. The army green color with orange accents was a fan favorite and began the rage of "collabs."

Air-Jordan-1-x-Air-Jordan-4-Travis-ScottAir Jordan 1 & 4 x Travis Scott (Released 2020)

JACKBOYZ ON THE MOVE! The popularity of Jordans have made it globally and of course their collaborations would reflect that. This collaboration with the global phenom known as Travis Scott is the most hype releases of 2020. Jordan 1, 4, 6, and rumored 3 models all have the "Cactus Jack" treatment and are wanted by everyone.

Air-Jordan-4-Kaws-GreyAir Jordan 4 x KAWS (Released 2017)

This collaboration with Brian Donnelly, known to all by KAWS, had to most extravagant release we feel which involves events and museums in reference to KAWS influence on the Art world. Released in two different colors, black and grey, this release is considered a true grail now and we fully agree.

Jordan-2-Don-C-Friends-&-Family-PinkAir Jordan 2 x Just Don C (Released 2017)

Air-Jordan-4-Off-White-SailAir Jordan 4 x Off-White (Released 2020)

Here we have a more frequent style of collaborations between Jordan brand and brands, the "Independent Designers." Major known designers in the streetwear community, Virgil Abloh and Don C have very iconic releases with Jordan Brand. The 2 models above showcase the growth of independent designers and how their work can lead to more opportunities, being Virgil's mainstream success to lead to him connecting a deal with Louis Vuitton

PSNY-X-AIR-JORDAN-12-1Air Jordan 12 x PSNY (Released 2017)

Collaborating with big and small brands is key to reaching new customers and clientele. Public School (PSNY) is an American fashion brand based in NYC, founded in 2008 and has one of the cleanest collaboration with Jordan Brand. The Jordan 12 model was a perfect choice for a clean and hype design from NY.

Air-Jordan-4-Union-LAAir Jordan 4 x Union LA (Released 2020)

West coast love started this all and its only right they keep the torch burning. Union LA is clearly as it sounds, a brand based in L.A. and since the success of an earlier collaboration with Jordan Brand and the Jordan 1 model, why not do it again to the Jordan 4. If it ain't broke don't fix it right?

Air-Jordan-and-Doernbecher-Freestyle-CollectionAir Jordan 1,2,3,4,6 x Doernbecher (Released 2007-2011)

Awareness is another way collaborations can help a community and Jordan Brand does it the right way. This collaboration involves the Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland, Oregon. Jordan Brand every few years select one special child to pick any model they want and design the release. (Nike does this with other models of sneakers) All the earnings go back into the hospital and help the residents and staff. The correct way to use a platform for educating. 

Air-Jordan-5-Supreme-White-Black-CamoAir Jordan 5 x Supreme (Released 2015)

One of the highest-end of clothing brands in the streetwear community is known around the world, Supreme. These two giants were destined to do collaborations and every time they do, its pure beauty. These Jordan 5 models got three different Supreme design treatments and all three were wanted, and still are.

Air-Jordan-1-x-Christian-Dior-Air-Dior-1Air Jordan 1 x Christian Dior (Released 2020)

We end this conversation with one of the craziest collaborations of all time in Jordan Brand, the "Air Dior 1." Top tier of high-end brand Christian Dior has graced the sneaker community with its pricey-est retail release which is understandable, but to get your hands on these were damn near impossible whether hi or low release. Quality is the prime focus of this collaboration and we don't blame them either. The "Air Dior 1" to us is the ultimate collaboration between a brand and Jordan Brand. Let us know your thoughts.

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