Ray Guilbault of 8&9 Interview With Lavoe Life

by Napps Pascal

Ray Guilbault of 8&9 Interview With Lavoe Life

Ray Guilbault of 8&9 Mfg. Co sits down with Bugzy Lavae to discuss the ins and outs of business on #LavoeLife Sermons. Lots of jewels dropped in this interview.

"VERY VERY FIRE Episode! Learned so much from sitting down with this man. We link with 8&9 Creative Director and Founder; Ray Guilbault. We talk about the beginning of the brand, Drink Champs, the future of clothing brands, the In The Trenches series and more. Tune in!"

LAVOELIFE is a media channel that focuses on showcasing all things extraordinary out of Florida. Whether its singers, painters, rappers, entrepreneurs or just blue collar folk with a story to tell we provide people with a platform to tell their story. #Lavoelife

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