CViddyTV Business & Entrepreneurs: Ray Guilbault

Ray Guilbault sits down with Catiana Saillant of CViddyTV for this Fall segment of Business and Entrepreneurs. 

"Founder and CEO Ray Guilbault shared that the birth of 8&9 came from working in retail accompanied by the desire to service the urban consumer fashion needs. Guilbault expressed that the fruition of the urban fashion line was influenced by the street-life style. It has vibrantly taken on a culture of it’s own in South Florida and is now finding retail interest in cities including New York. The brand is geared to a culture of “go getters” and those who dauntlessly believe in themselves."

CViddy TV is a rapidly growing urban cultural, business and tech website delivering breaking news, music reviews, interviews and business insiders. Launched in 2015 by Haitian-American media personality, Catiana Saillant, the site gives you an opportunity to get directly involved in core topics including genres of hip-hop, rap, r&b as well as business and tech.

Posted: Oct 17 2017
by: Napps Pascal

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