Permanent Vacation Collection Baseball & Soccer Jersey

vacation-baseball-jersey-french-blue Summer has arrived. Here's the new drops you're waiting for. The Permanent Vacation collection is available right now! Embodying Miami life this delivery sets you up for Summer. New shorts, featured premium cut & sew embroidered polo's and a couple jerseys you'll find everything you need.Check out these all new baseball and soccer jerseys here:

Vacation Baseball Jersey French Blue

Permanent Vacation, Miami Life.  A light twill baseball jersey for beach days and loungin. Tonal pattern, dice embroidery and the black tag treatment. 


Fire Soccer Jersey White

This the one right here.  What else to say?  Summer '17, Fire.  Another black tag piece right here so don't miss it. Classic flint color scheme for this staple soccer jersey.


Tuesday Soccer Jersey Black

Get Money, do your own thing and let the rest take care of itself. The Tuesday Soccer Jersey has all the details, embroideries, patches, the back print, and a this season's Permanent Vacation woven. Another black tag piece right here so don't miss it. Classic black red and white color scheme for this staple soccer jersey.


Posted: Jun 21 2017
by: Jason Peiso

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