Sneaker Bar Detroit Interview W/ 8&9 MFG. Co.

by Napps Pascal

Sneaker Bar Detroit

Ray G. of 8&9 MFG. Co. sat down with Sneaker Bar Detroit to discuss various topics from sneakers to design process to #8and9Life. Check out some quotables below.

When asked what inspired the creation of the clothing brand:

“We started our clothing brand to provide jobs. We were really young with no experience but our backgrounds had been in retail, so creating a brand was the natural extension. [A natural extension] with greater upside potential.”

When discussing Streetwear culture: 

“We look at streetwear as the expression or pulse of what’s actually happening in the streets. Hustling, music, sneakers, skateboarding; it all inspires our work.”

When discussing who 8&9 cater's to:

“8 & 9” is a street brand. We supply what’s needed. Our customers are sneakerheads, hip-hop connoisseurs, and hustlers. People that set themselves apart from the pack. We’re about giving more to OUR market rather than testing new ones.”


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