8&9 Showroom Week 9: Freehand Profit Picks

8&9 Showroom Week 9. This week receive help from the sneaker destroyer and mask creator, Freehand Profit who picks out some music for you to listen too. Selections this week are from Logic, DoomStarks, Jay Rock, Gangrene, Jadakiss, Jarren Benton, Rittz, Prozak, and many more.
Freehand Profit says:


"The mix I put together is a blend of up-and-coming rappers, independent artists as well as emcees that have long had an influence on me and my work. I have a fairly eclectic taste in Hip-Hop, it was interesting being limited to what I was able to find on SoundCloud but I think you'll find it a solid playlist."


Check it out and leave a comment.

Posted: Oct 05 2015
by: Napps Pascal

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