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New iPhone Release Date! 5S Rumors!

by Elisa Fierce



The new iPhone 5S is expected to be a “world phone.” This means that it will be compatible with frequencies for most LTE networks. This is good news for some, but bad for others: The less expensive version geared towards the China market will not be a “world phone” and will require different models for different LTE networks.

The new iPhone release date comes with other design specifications on the new iPhone model. The new phone may be slimmer and contain a better screen display. This would prove to be a feat, as the iPhone 5’s retina display that contains 1136-by-640 pixel resolution has been highly lauded by the technology community.

The 4-inch widescreen multi-touch display is a high benchmark, but new iPhone release date rumors claim that Apple plans to raise the bar even higher. The new display, paired with a reported increase in camera and flash quality, could mean the new iPhone iteration is more media-friendly than ever before. The new phone may feature a polycarbonate body and have a 4.5-inch screen display.

The most exciting new iPhone release date revelation, however, is the groundbreaking concept of wireless charging. Last month, Apple filed a patent application for a Wireless Power Utilization, which is rumored to use near-field magnetic resonance (NFMR). The latest current technology has iPhone users having to put their handsets on a pad in order to charge.

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