Official (Unwatermarked!) Photos of the $4.6MM Lamborghini Veneno




Most 50 year-olds are happy enough celebrating the half-century birthday with a cake. Lamborghini wants to eat it, too.

In the days leading up to Geneva, the 50-years-young Italian supercar machinist has leaked images of the Veneno, an impossibly spaceshippy missile that’ll supposedly hit 60mph in under three seconds thanks to 750 horses drawn from a V12.

Yawn — another beautiful-but-unattainable craft from Lamborghini, right? Well, yes, and moreso than you might think: the marque will only produce three cars, all of which have already been spoken for by buyers. So, while the Veneno — named for an historically dominant Spanish fighting bull — isn’t technically vaporware, it’s pretty damn close.

How much did the private buyers deposit for a crack at the Veneno? No clue, but with a reported list price of $4.6 million USD, it’s fair to assume that it was more than a bit of cake.

Stay tuned to our Geneva Motor Show coverage for more on the Veneno.

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Posted: Mar 10 2013
by: Jetpack

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