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PMK and Puma has presented Meek Mill with a “Dreams and Nightmares” pack as a tribute to Meek Mills Dreams and Nightmares album. Meek Mill is sponsored by Puma so its no surprise that they made these two dope “Puma Suedes” for him. PMK and Puma featured two designs a Dream version of the Puma “Suede” and a nightmare version. The “Dreams” have a grey base with a gold laser design you can see all over the sneaker displaying “Good dream” inspired lasering. The Nightmare is a polar opposite PMK and Puma used a black leather “Puma Suede” with accents of red on the branding to bring you the Nightmare element using the same gold laser displaying a much darker imagery. The sneakers are dope would be a great release but seeing the optimization and specific details these were crafted exclusively  for Meek Mill. One thing that makes this a great gift beside the custom footwear is the packaging a wooden box that fits both of these amazing “Puma Suedes” is incredible thanks to the craftsmanship of the team over at “Good Wood” Check out this doe video below of Meek Mill and Puma after the jump and dont forget to check out the gallery for a closer look at the Dreams and Nightmares “Puma Suedes”


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PMK-x-PUMA-Suede-Dreams-and-Nightmares-for-Meek-Mill PMK_PUMA1 PMK_PUMA6 PMK_PUMA4 PMK_PUMA5


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