Marshall Monitor Hi-Fi Headphones

by Ray Figgs

Building off of the wildly successful and iconic Marshall brand, Marshall Headphones introduces their latest and most impressive model to date, the Monitor. Featuring custom-made low distortion 40mm drivers, the Monitor is Marshall Headphones’ first over-ear model and covers the entire frequency range audible to the human ear. With the built-in Felt Treble Filter system hiding behind the removable magnetic ear cushions, users can opt for a warmer, more laid-back sound or a brighter and clearer sound.

The Monitor folds up for easy transportability while the detachable cable lets users decide which side to wear it. Using the empty 3.5mm socket, friends can listen in, too, through their own set of headphones. Minor detailing like an embossed white script logo and brass accents complete the look for a set of headphones that is as instantly recognizable as the amps that made Marshall a household name over 50 years ago.

Check out the headphones above and pick up yours straight from the source. via HS

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