Custom Galaxy Foamposite ” Cody Moore “


Foamposite lovers out there may be need to rejoice. Nike loves to pursue designs of sneaker customizers and this one hopefully will not be excluded. As a fan and owner of the original ” galaxy ” foamposite , I must say that this custom is way better than what super brand nike put out in 2012. This one actually looks like you are actually looking up into the sky at night. With dark hues and and a less colorful base,this custom shoe is one that is more wearable than the OG ” galaxy ” . With more black and white and virtually no color blocking It could truly stand out as a fan favorite if this shoe was actually produced and released. The black translucent sole alone would make this foamposite a must have. Look at the picture below and drop a comment or two and let us know if this foamposite would be a must to add to your collection if it were released. “photo via” SN

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Posted: Aug 22 2013
by: Big Brooks

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