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Ok, Im back with part two of the 8 & 9 fantasy football preview. I hope the RB preview was informative.Today i am going to give you my top 20 WR picks. I am a firm believer that this is the position that can make or break your fantasy season. Remember you can always find decent RB’s later in the draft. Finding that go to WR later is tricky. With that said here you go.

1. Calvin Johnson -Lions – If there was ever a WR worth a number one pick this is him. ( trust me )c_johnson_110824_wide

2. Brandon Marshall-Bears- The definition of a go to receiver. and Jay Cutlers favorite Target

5 . Julio Jones – Falcons- Would be higher but with weapons like Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez back he’s not the primary.

6. Larry Fitzgerald- Cardinals- With the acquisition of QB Carson Palmer, Fitzgerald looks to return to top 3 form.

7. Randall Cobb – Packers – With Driver and Jennings gone, and Jordy Nelson nursing an injury. There is nothing but opportunity for the Packs most explosive player.images

8. Demaryius Thomas- Broncos – Peyton Manning’s deep threat and favorite red zone target.Would be higher but Mr. Welker has joined the show.

9.Vincent Jackson- Buccaneers – The Bucs showed him the $$$$$$ now it’s time to show and prove. A viable target that goes deep as much a he goes across the middle.

10. Danny Amendola- Patriots- With problems at the TE position and the loss of Wes Welker, he is the guy Brady will depend on.images-2

11.Marques Colston- With Sean Payton back on the sidelines, the Saints have been going deeeeep this pre-season. Look for Colston to potentially have a top 5 season.

12.Andre Johnson- Texans- I know some of ya’ll think i’m buggin out with him this low and Amendola ahead of him. This has nothing to do with talent. Johnson is in a run first offense and doesn’t score a lot of Td’s. He will also have help opposite of him this year.

13. Roddy White- Falcons- Shares the field with Julio Jones and Gonzalez. Not enough balls for him to be top 10.

14. Victor Cruz-Giants- Would be higher up on my list , but the amount of drops and the Hakeem Nicks truly being the primary receiver keeps him where he is.

15. Reggie Wayne- Colts- Peyton who? Reggie showed us last season that just b/c Mannings gone does not mean that his numbers would drop. Look for him to build upon last season.

16. Hakeem Nicks- Giants- The true number one receiver on the G-mens roster, but Cruz gets more balls.

17. Pierre Garcon- Redskins- A early injury suffered in week 1 set him back. Came back late in the season and mad me regret releasing him. RG III’s favorite target when healthy.images-1

18.Dwayne Bowe- Chiefs- The Chiefs lacked consistency at the QB position last year, Alex Smith hopes to come in and change that and Bowes TD production.

19. Torrey Smith- Ravens- With the loss of Anquan Boldin and season ending injury to Dennis Pita,look for this deep threat / catch and run guy to put HUGE numbers.

20. Mike Wallace- We all know he has speed, but will that be enough? His success depends on the growth of Ryan Tannehill.

Visit us in a couple of days for my QB report.

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