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Car racks up $106,000 in airport parking fines

by Ray Figgs


In what city can a car receive 678 parking tickets over three years before being towed?

That would be Chicago, where authorities can finally close the book on the notorious purple 1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo that was abandoned in an employee lot at O’Hare International Airport.

The car’s owner, Jennifer Fitzgerald, was slapped with a total fine of nearly $106,000 — the highest parking tab in city history. She recently settled and will pay just less than $4,500, The Chicago Tribune reports.

On the bright side, Fitzgerald can probably claim the best parking deal in O’Hare history. Her settlement means she paid about $4 a day, MoneyTalksNews calculates.

Fitzgerald sued the city to get out of the fine, and said in her lawsuit that her ex-boyfriend, Brandon Preveau, bought the car from her uncle and used it to drive to his job at O’Hare. But her uncle signed the title of the car over to Fitzgerald.

Preveau abandoned the car for reasons that are unclear. And that left Fitzgerald to clean up the mess. But she didn’t, missing court dates over the years as the tickets piled up. She has previously said she had no access to the employee lot and that she had given Preveau her spare set of keys.

The car was ticketed multiple times for improperly tinted windows, lacking proper stickers, expired plates or registration, cracked or missing windows and broken lamps, The Tribune reports.

Fitzgerald also has several thousand dollars in parking tickets related to another vehicle in her name, The Tribune adds.

Now, Preveau has agreed to pay $1,600 of the settlement, and Fitzgerald will make monthly payments of $78 over the next three years to pay the rest.

And airport parking officials can finally be rid of the car that likely drove them nuts for years via MSN

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