Coming Soon: “Asteroid” Nike Air Foamposite Pro Premium

by Jetpack

asteroid-foamposite-pro-prm-3As we await the arrival of the second “Weather Man” Foamposite which will release later this month, our attention is drawn towards the “Asteroid ” Foamposite Pro’s . These have no release date yet, but they are confirmed to drop before the year is over. These sneakers were first seen previewed with the both Weatherman foams at the time the images were blurry and the sneakers were still in early stages of production. And now we have been given the final product that you can see in the beauty shots in the gallery below. The Asteroid Foamposite Pro has a complex design that shifts from yellow to red to purple all with bits of asteroids floating throughout the sneaker’s upper. After the success of the Galaxy Foamposite Nike began experimenting with the Foamposite upper seeing how far they could take the silhouette. These designs are offspring to the work and designing that took place to create the Galaxy Foamposite. Take a look at the gallery below for some close ups of these “Asteroid” Foamposite Pro. Keep it locked here at for more info on a release.




asteroid-foamposite-pro-prm-3 asteroid-foamposite-pro-prm-6 asteroid-foamposite-pro-prm-4 asteroid-foamposite-pro-prm-9 asteroid-foamposite-pro-prm-5 asteroid-foamposite-pro-prm-7 asteroid-foamposite-pro-prm-8 asteroid-foamposite-pro-prm-2

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