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Checkout: “2014 Sample” Nike Air Tech Challenge II

by Jetpack



Take a look at these sample Nike Air Tech Challenge 2’s which are available via ebay on Madsolar’s page. So far theres 29 days left for the product to be available, 3 bids and a buy it now price of $699.00. For a sneaker that you know people won’t have $700 doesn’t sound so ridiculous compared to allot of the prices we have seen for limited sneakers. In this case this sneaker is way more limited than allot of shoes people spend big money on. This is the first time we have seen this silo since the release of two highly limited Air Tech Challenge 2’s. These are a lot different than the previous two releases which were toned down, this design is allot like the original Air Tech Challenge 2’s which like this design are usually eye catching and innovative. Take a look at the gallery below for a better look at these sample Nike Air Tech Challenge 2’s. And if you are in the market for a sneaker worth the above average price tag this is one you should definitely look into. Stay tuned here at for more.



nike-air-tech-challenge-ii-white-kumquat-soft-pearl-black-2014-sample-06 nike-air-tech-challenge-ii-white-kumquat-soft-pearl-black-2014-sample-07 nike-air-tech-challenge-ii-white-kumquat-soft-pearl-black-2014-sample nike-air-tech-challenge-ii-white-kumquat-soft-pearl-black-2014-sample-03 nike-air-tech-challenge-ii-white-kumquat-soft-pearl-black-2014-sample-09 nike-air-tech-challenge-ii-white-kumquat-soft-pearl-black-2014-sample-11

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