Idokoro House by mA-style Architects

by Ray Figgs

The Idokoro House in Shizouka, Japan was designed and built by Japanese architecture firm mA-style Architects. Defined by its simplicity, the building’s form may not appear particularly revolutionary or awe-inspiring, but it is unusual in the way that the rooms are determined by their function, and not their name. An open plan main space becomes whatever the user makes out of it. When the person wants to read calmly; the room becomes a library. When the person wants to eat; the room becomes a dining room. When the person wants to study; the room becomes an office. The home is a comfortable space without being caught by a fixed concept, and this comfortableness is known in Japanese as ‘Idokoro,’ the namesake of the adaptable abode. via HS
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  1. Source: Contemporist
  2. Photography: Kai Nakamura
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