Sour vs Haze – The Great Debate

by Ray Figgs

sour vs haze

New for Winter 2013 Sour vs Haze crewneck jersey sweatshirts. Styles P and Jadaskiss Sour vs Haze, the great debate, originally discussed by two of the best to ever do it, JadaKiss and Styles P.  Jada and Styles have two videos so far on this topic. The videos are hilarious, with both of the homies having extremely good arguments for why they choose to smoke Haze or Sour. Just in case you haven’t seen either of the videos, Styles P is pro Sour, and JadaKiss is pro Haze. Styles feels like Haze doesn’t get  We have teamed up with these Yonkers legends to create a dope Crewneck Jersey Sweater in two colorways to once and for all settle this debate. Which side of the fence are you on, Sour or Haze?

sour vs hazeStyles P and Jadakiss Sour vs Haze Jersey Sweatshirt. Sour vs Haze collaboration with Styles P and Jadakiss will settle the greatest debate. Inspired by New York Rangers jerseys and that “Haze” and “Dour”, we took a home and away approach to the Sour vs Haze Jersey Sweatshirts. Jadakiss proponent of Haze set the heather grey/yankee blue jersey up. Ahaaaaa!! Styles P proponent of Sour set up the classic navy/red jersey. Both jersey sweatshirts feature Giant “89” numbers capped by a Sour vs Haze name plate.  Get this one while you can. These sweatshirts certainly won’t last long. Sizes are limited and we aren’t sure about restocks as of yet, so take advantage now, don’t sleep!  Check the details on these crewnecks, highest quality garment for two of the greatest to ever do it. #dblock #8and9 #8and9life #stylesp #Jadakiss Click here to buy our Sour Jersey Sweatshirt. Click here to buy this Haze Jersey Sweatshirt.

our vs haze

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