Hanas Fashion Carries 8and9

by Jason Peiso

hanas fashion

Hanas Fashion

located In Baton Rouge LA cow carries A Selection of 8and9 wear from infrared Goons down to Carmine Bobbin & Weavin. Hana’s offers the latest in street wear trends.If you happen to be Louisiana and need newest 8and9 product you can always stop by at Hana’s fashion , and they have a array of the latest sneakers from nike brands such as lebrons & Jordans.


1536 N Foster Dr Baton Rouge LA 70806

(225) 300-4491

IG: Hanas_foster

hanas fashion 2 hanas fashion 3 hanas fashion 4 hanas fashion 5 hanas fashion 6

Stay tuned for more updates on new stores that carry product from 8and9.

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