8&9 Agenda Long Beach Recap Video Summer 2014 [Video]

agenda long beach

8&9 Agenda Long Beach

8&9 Agenda Long Beach Recap video from 8&9 MFG at Agenda Show, Long Beach July 10 and 11, 2014. Shot by Justin Butts. Music By Ash Riser “Free” (Buygore) Download Here.

8and9 was at Agenda second show this year to show our upcoming catalogs and product . The show saw solid attendance throughout both days of the show, with a variety of events like a skate contest at the show with a $10,000 cash prize W/ TransWorld Skateboarding, DGK & Red Bull Skateboarding and other brand related events drawing crowds. Thursday and Friday were the days that this events took place.

agenda long beach 2


Posted: Jul 21 2014
by: Jason Peiso

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