Hidden Hype Boutique Carries 8and9

by Ray Guilbault

hidden hype boutique carries 8and9

Hidden Hype Boutique Carries 8and9

Hidden Hype Boutique is a streetwear store that carries over 20 streetwear brands. They have many different items in stock including hats and sneakers. The shoe consigment is 90/10. They also recently picked up your favorite brand. So Hidden Hype Boutique carries 8and9! Be sure to check them out and grab some of the latest 8and9 releases in store while supplies last! Click HERE to follow them on Instagram.

hidden hype boutique carries 8and9 2

Hidden Hype shows how to throw together a dope fit to match in store. This outfit grid features a Staple Pigeon “Mesh” Strapback, King Ice “Iced Out Jesus” Necklace, and a  King Ice “Praying Hands” Necklace. Our 8&9 “Crime Pays” Long Sleeve Shirt, 8&9 “Lobby Running” Joggers and the sneakers are Air Jordan 14 “Last Shot.

Hidden Hype Boutique

Serramonte Mall•Daly City,Ca



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