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Triple Beam Premium Terry Shorts Black

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Triple Beam Premium Terry Shorts Black

Super clean, new terry shorts for 2016. Inspired by the Narcos collection, classic black and white color scheme!  Triple Beam Cut Offs made from premium terry right here in the US!  Simplicity reigns supreme, sneaker lace drawstring, trench mark woven, super luxe 100% cotton french terry shorts made in the USA.  Modern tailored fit, cut off styling w/ raw edge. #8and9life

Choosing your size: 

 S= 28/30 M=32 L=34 XL=34/38 2X=38/40 3X=40/42

What to expect from these Cut Off Yard Shorts

  • 100% Premium French Terry Cotton
  • Contrast sneaker lace drawstring
  • Cut Off Raw Edge
  • Modern tailored fit
  • Slight drop crotch
  • Made in the USA