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Perfect Raglan Tee Heather

$40.00 Regular price

Perfect Raglan Tee Heather

Made in the USA. Premium cotton modal heather raglan crewneck tee with a modern tailored fit and +2 length.  It's perfect because we took the time to build it, in the USA, from scratch using the highest quality materials then perfected the fit and details. Tonal keys logo, Go Fuck Yourself print inside the hem, and Trench Mark woven. Simplicity reigns supreme. Peep the details. Note: This is not a tall tee, it's designed to land below your belt.  If you're a t-shirt connoisseur this might be the finest you've worn. Sure to be a daily wear so we offered it in 3 colors.

What to expect from this 8&9 Tee

  • Perfect T Shirt.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Modern Tailored Fit.
  • +2 Overall Length (sits below belt).
  • Go Fuck Yourself print inside the hem
  • Tonal Keys Logo
  • Twill woven