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Daily Deal - 5 Assorted Tees For $49 Shipped

$98.00 Regular price

Dozens Deal


5 Assorted Tees in Your Size w/ Free USPS Priority Mail Shipping


Must type DOZENS at checkout to trigger $49 price.



Yes, you read correctly.

This is a limited offer while supplies last! 5 different 8&9 tees with free priority shipping for $49. Just enter DOZENS at checkout to trigger $49 price.  S - 4X dozen deals are available.  How can we do this?  Making space in our warehouse is easier than finding a new one so we're grabbing five tees in your size and shipping them out for $49.  For this blow out deal and the free shipping offer all sales are final, no returns or exchanges. Final sale. Quality of product and service are guaranteed.



Dozen Deal Details
  • Must enter DOZENS code at checkout to trigger $99 price
  • Free USPS Priority Mail Shipping
  • 5 T Shirts - assorted styles in your size
  • May include shop only exclusives or unreleased prints
  • Repeat shoppers will not receive duplicates
  • 5 different shirts in each package