Air Jordan 1's Sneaker Poster

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Nike Air Jordan Assorted 1's Poster. 


This might be the perfect Christmas, Birthday or holiday gift for the sneaker lover in your life. This one of a kind digital print available in 11x17 or 24 x 36 features a beautiful picture of Jordan's most amazing and controversial creations. Air Jordan 1's in varios colors. This print is original photography you will not find any where else. 

All posters come on heavyweight, extra-thick, high gloss cardstock perfect for hanging as-is and perfect for framing. The Original Air Jordan 1 (I) Black Red released in 1985 and was quickly nicknamed Banned because David Stern said the colorway did not match league regulations. This may be the sneaker and Michael Jordan may be the man who saved Nike from extinction. Every time Michael Jordan wore the Original Air Jordan 1 (I) Black / Red he was fined $5,000, and Nike would pay the debt. The commercial to follow set off a frenzy which has prices on this sneaker upward of $2,000 own yours in this limited print tribute to the Jordan 1's.Satisfaction is guaranteed on all of our Sneaker Prints and Jordan Posters. Shipping is free and safe. These are first quality prints in framing condition.