Yeezy Season 5 Military Boots Camouflage

by Jason Peiso

Yeezy Season 5 Military Boots Camouflage


Yeezy Season 5 Military Boots Camouflage

Here is the first look at the YEEZY Season 5 Military Boots. Kanye West debuted YEEZY Season 5 earlier this year at Pier 59 in New York City. A few silhouettes of the YEEZY season 5 boots have been released, this version comes in camoflauge.

Paris-based retailer, Riveneuve, provides a first-look at the boot. The first pairs that were seen to the world came dressed in its traditional Earthy Sand and Dark tones. Out of the pairs released this might be the most notable standout.

So how do you feel about these Yeezy Season 5 Military Boots CamouflageMake sure to leave a comment in the comment section with your thoughts on them. For now we don't know of a mass release date, by stay tuned for more updates here.


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