Vote and Shop: Early Voting x 50% Off At The Showroom

I'm pretty sure everyone has been paying attention to the election in some form or fashion. We all have our opinions on Clinton and Trump but we also understand the importance of voting at the ballots.

Come, October 24th, Early Voting begins in Miami-Dade county and ends Nov. 5th. 8&9 is here to spread awareness before the long lines start to build up on November 8th. So here's your chance to get 50% off on anything at the Showroom just by early voting in the week of October 24th. Here's how:

"Vote and Shop: Early Voting Week event at 8&9

1. Vote Early at Lemon City Branch Library or any Voting location in Miami,FL.

2.Get your " I Voted" sticker

3.Come to 8&9 with your "I Voted" sticker and get 50% off "

Lemon city Library is located at: 430 NE 61st St, Miami, FL 33137

See you then!

Posted: Oct 24 2016
by: Napps Pascal

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