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The Cleveland Cavaliers Are The 2016 NBA Champions

by Jason Peiso

Last night was historic night for the the Cavaliar franchise, lastnight marked their first championship win for the city in over 50 years. Cleveland completed the what was thought impossible yesterday, overcoming a 3-1 deficit becoming the first time in NBA Finals history to do so.



This is LeBron James third ring, but out of his 3 I feel like he cherishes this one a little bit more cause he won it in Cleveland , this also makes for his third Finals MVP. This was one of the best finals I've witnessed in a couple seasons, Cavs went up against the greatest team in regular season history, The Golden Srate warriors, who were the finals hopefuls to win the championship. So I'd say tis was a great finals , and will be remembered in NBA finals history.

Check out the video above to see above "Worth The Wait" made by Nike: 

After years of holding its breath, Cleveland can finally
breathe easy.
They always knew this day would come. They just didn’t
know when.
A curse broken.
A city can rejoice.
A city can rejoice

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