Roc Marciano's "Rosebudd's Revenge: The Bitter Dose"

by Napps Pascal

Roc Marciano's "Rosebudd's Revenge: The Bitter Dose"

Roc Marciano's "Rosebudd's Revenge: The Bitter Dose"

Always one to bring some new heat, Roc Marciano blesses 2018 with a brand new album, "Rosebudd's Revenge: The Bitter Dose". The album is currently available ONLY at until (and if) Roc makes it available in other formats. $30 dollars will get you 14 tracks with features from Action Bronson and Knowledge the Pirate, production by Don Cee, Element, Animoss, and Roc Marciano himself. "The Internet" was complaining earlier about the pricing (like most people do) but the album has gotten great reviews. I personally can tell you that it definitely has hard hitting bars and dope production.

RR2 is available exclusively as a digital download from 

Also peep his new video with Action Bronson for "The Sauce & Corniche".



Roc Marciano's Rosebudd's Revenge 2: The Bitter Dose Tracklist

1. "Respected" (prod. by Element)
2. "Tent City" (prod. by Don Cee)
3. "Bohemian Grove" Feat. Knowledge The Pirate (prod. by Animoss)
4. "Corniche" Feat. Action Bronson (prod. by Roc Marci)
5. "CVS" (prod. by Don Cee)
6. "Saks Fifth" (prod. by Roc Marci)
7. "Major League" Feat. Knowledge the Pirate (prod. by Don Cee)
8. "Bedspring King" (prod. by Roc Marci)
9. "The Sauce" (prod. by Roc Marci)
10. "Happy Endings" (prod. by Animoss)
11. "Kill You" (prod. by Roc Marci)
12. "67 Lobby" (prod. by Element)
13. "Muse" (prod. by Roc Marci)
14. "Power" (prod. by Roc Marci)

 Roc Marciano's Rosebudd's Revenge The Bitter Dose

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