Ray Guilbault of 8&9 Advice On Starting x Running A Clothing Brand

Ray Guilbault of 8&9 sits down with Tim Stoddart from Stodzy Media to discuss building and running a business. Check out below and the video to find out the details of how he built the company.

"Ray and I had a conversation about what it really takes to start, build and run a successful clothing line. We hit on a bunch of important topics.

First, Ray tells us about getting started. He advocates staying true to your message and not worrying too much about un important ideas such as advertising. You simply need to get to market and start selling tee shirts. In the first few years, the hustle is a huge indicator of your success.

Also, Ray talks about what it is to establish a brand in an apparel line. Your brand is simply the message behind your clothing. If you can master how to understand what your customer wants and give it to them, you will have a successful clothing line. This is very important advice."

Posted: Sep 18 2016
by: Napps Pascal

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