Pizza Hut Pie Tops


Pizza Hut Pie Tops

Pizza Hut Releases Sneakers with tongues that orders pizza to your location. The Pie Tops are part of an ad campaign starring retired basketball player Grant Hill. Pizza Hut is looking for a way to capitalize on 2017 March Madness. The Pie Tops have a built-in Bluetooth radio that syncs to a mobile device with the company’s devoted app. When a user squeezes the right tongue once or twice (this can be adjusted in the settings to avoid accidental activation), it places an order for whatever style of pizza the wearer has saved in the app.

This shoe receives a traditional White and Red "Pizza Hut" color scheme. There  are only 64 pair made, it’s said that most of them will go to family and friends in the media, with only a select few having an opportunity to purchase them. What do you think? Let us know how you feel about these unique sneakers in our comment section.




Posted: Mar 07 2017
by: Jason Peiso

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