Normans Cay Collection

by Jason Peiso

Normans Cay Collection

norman-cays-collection Here is our lastest collection, The Normans Cay Collection: This line draws inspiration from Carlos Lehder's private island where he co-operated the airfield with the Medellín cartel. It was a major drug trafficking route in the 1980's in the Bahamas where Lehder put an airstrip which controlled the drugs coming in from South America and entering the US. He became so wealthy he offered to pay Colombia's foreign debt for amnesty. Shown here are some really clean pieces for summer. These shirts feature bright colors, crisp graphics and supreme details. Don't sleep on any of these, they won't last long! Check out some pieces from the Normans Cay Collection below:


Wreckage Curved Hem Tee

Inspired by Norman's Cay, Carlos Lehder's Bahamian pit stop. this graphic is of Carlos Lehder's crashed and sunken C-4 in Norman's Cay Exuma Bahamas. This shirt comes in two colorways:


After their releases on parole,Carlos Lehder and George Jung built up a small stream of money through the drug smuggling. They paid two American girls to take paid vacations to Antigua, receive cocaine, and carry it back with them to the US in their suitcases. They did this til they had enough money to buy their own plain.


Normans Premium T Shirt

Anchor piece from the Norman's Cay collection. Bahamas water, Carlos Lehder's playground and the C-47 plane wreckage inspired this one. New classic for summer infrared color scheme, embroidered triple beam and a modern tailored fit all cut from our premium cotton. available in Teal/Infrared.


Greetings From Normans Cay


Blue waters, Norman's Cay. Greetings. This one's self explanatory, you should get it. Light weight Greetings T Shirt comes in black and also white with true ocean print, Trench Mark woven cut from super soft, 30 singles cut with added length for a modern fit, hi-low finish.


George x Diego Blow T Shirt 

A new classic from our Norman's Cay collection. George x Diego T Shirt in black. Diego's character in the movie Blow portrayed the real life Carlos Lehder made his home on Norman's Cay between 1978 and 1982. this shirt is available in black or red.


Using a small plane and a professional pilot, they began to fly cocaine into the United States via the Bahamas, increasing their financial resources and building connections and trust with Colombian suppliers while spreading money around among Bahamian government officials for political and judicial protection.


another classic from the Norman's Cay collection Deconstructed Mac Premium T Shirt . No cartel story is complete without the machinery. Peep the detailing on this one, full front print, cut & sew garment with solid back panel for a toned down look. Definitely a top choice this season. Available in black or white.


Deconstructed Mac Premium T Shirt 


All product shown above are available, as usual, while supplies last! We have more items available so be sure to check the new release section of our site. If you're feeling any of these items use EFS at checkout to save 20% off your purchase! Until next time!


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