Nike SF-AF1 Mid 12 ‘O Clock Boys Dirt-Bike Crew


Nike SF-AF1 Mid 12 ‘O Clock Boys Dirt-Bike Crew

The Nike SF-AF1 Mid was designed by Ben Kirschner who recently created this exclusive Nike SF-AF1 Mid for for the 12 ‘O Clock Boys, a dirt-bike crew out of Baltimore, MD.The Nike SF-AF1 Mid 12 ‘O Clock Boys comes in Red/Black/White or Blue/Black/White. Stand out features include“RAISE IT UP” ankle straps and small Nike Swoosh logos near the fore-foot.The true prize is the durable materials that can withstand the blazing heat given off by the dirt-bike motors and the shifting of the toes. No word to when a release date will be announced check out more images here.


Posted: Aug 11 2017
by: Jason Peiso

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