Freehand Profit re-imagines the SF AF1 Mids for NIKE SOHO


Freehand Profit re-imagines the SF AF1 Mids for NIKE SOHO

Wow, what a milestone! I have been so anxious to share this with y'all. I'm sure a lot of you know just how much this means to me. About 7 years ago, during my #MASK365 project, I created my first #sneakermask. 162 one of a kind masks later I've been blessed with the opportunity to work with @Nike to create 8 unique sneaker masks and flight helmets out of SF AF1 Mids. If you're in NYC in September make sure you stop by #Nike #SOHO for a look at my newest creations. Big thanks goes to the whole crew who made it all come together, so much work went into this and it was a pleasure to be a part of the experience. Keep grinding, take flight... or as we say in the Fat Chance Crew... Stay muddy, get fly. #FreehandProfit

The recent introduction of the SF-AF1s was met with praise from the sneaker community and with Mids dropping in September Nike commissioned 8 one of a kind flight helmets and sneaker masks by Freehand Profit.

Ivory/Olive SF-AF1 Mask and Flight Helmet


“Did something here that I said I wouldn’t do. For the first time there are multiple pieces made from the same color way. I’ve danced with that line, making multiple masks from a single pair of sneakers. And of course I’ve used multiple pairs on a single mask. It was time for me to break my own taboo. The reason I made that rule was so that folks couldn’t ask me to remake a mask. I didn’t want to get bogged down redoing the Black Cement 3 over and over. It was meant to uphold originality. And if you look at the new “doubles” you’ll see originality wasn’t sacrificed in any way. All four flight helmets are unique and it’s pretty obvious when you put them next to each other, each piece is different. The possibilities are endless, even with the exact same shoes. The sneakers are just material, like a tube of paint or slab of clay.” – Freehand Profit


Ivory/Mars SF-AF1 Gas Mask and Flight Helmet


“We had a super tight turnaround on these, it took me back to my MASK365 days because I literally had to start and finish a mask in a day. I normally spend weeks and countless hours of consideration when making my work, for this I had to rely on my instincts. 8 masks in 8 days, plus a day of photo shoots. It was an excellent experience and testament to creative decisiveness.” – Freehand Profit

Black/Hazel SF-AF1 Sneaker Gas Mask & Flight Helmet


Sequoia SF-AF1 Helmet


Orange Quartz SF-AF1 Flight Helmet


Posted: Sep 14 2017
by: Jason Peiso

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