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Ending Childhood Hunger Food Program - CTP

You may have heard about the Change The Play program that we're a part of, now Change The Play has started a new program aimed at feeding the youth and teaching them healthy ways of eating!
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Within the last two weeks, we kicked started our "Ending Childhood Hunger" food program in Meriden, CT. We've been working with Rev. Rohrbach over at the St. Andrews Episcopal Church on preparing the meals for over 6000 kids by the end of the summer. Today we're serving the Meriden Raiders football program along with Maloney Highschool and Platt Highschool Football programs. Not only are we feeding the youth, but we are also providing healthy alternatives to fast food. Check our meal of the day below!
Ending Childhood Hunger
Today's meal is Chicken Pasta Primavera: Delicious summer pasta is made with all natural ingredients. It features seasoned chicken breast blended with a variety of crisp vegetables. Our primavera mixes tri-color rotini with broccoli florets, shredded carrots, diced red bell peppers, black olives, and spices rolled in italian dressing. Stay tuned for more from our program! #CTP #ChangeThePlay
Ending Childhood HungerEnding Childhood Hunger
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Posted: Aug 01 2017
by: Ray Figgs

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