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Art Of Bae - 2nd Annual Art Basel Gallery

by Amaury Soviche

Art Of Bae - 2nd Annual Art Basel Gallery
Art of BAE

Pics by LeefParks

With over 600 RSVP's for some this is the 2nd time attending the "Art Of Bae" Art Basel gallery. As well for others this is their first time attending or even their first gallery for Art Basel.

The "Art Of Bae" (AOB) is a gallery created to shine light on modern & contemporary female artists from around the world. Underground & Mainstream. Creating a wide range demographic for talented artists to expose their conceptual work. Curated based on their actual time, materials, and emotional message. Not based on their social handles.

"Art Of Bae" was hosted at "The Showroom" by 8and9 Clothing. AOB consisted of 5 artists with different mediums or art being exhibited. 

AshCourtt - Graphic Design. 

Crispi - Photography. 

NaviBoombastic - Visual Art. 

DamsNDistress - Mixed Media Design. 

Peewee - Music.

Each year AOB will scout and curate contemporary and modern female artists from around the world. To not only exhibit and educated, but to bring back what art galleries really consist of, your mind connecting with art. 

AOB would like to give a special thanks to The Showroom by 8and9 for sponsoring the gallery and MealSmart for providing the amazing ceviche. 

Xo Crispi 

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