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Da Camp Hit Denver For 4/20

by Napps Pascal

Da Camp Hit Denver For 4/20

Some of Miami's connoisseurs when it comes to the "green bud", Nics and Prez P went to Denver to spread the Miami gospel and blow it down at the Smoked Tour. Check out their experience as they explored and performed in Denver.

Performing in Denver is extra cool for me because the fans there are really similar to me. They all smoke(of course) and they're real laid back and chill but are also looking for a great vibe. Before I hit the stage I got to chill with a couple people in the crowd and passed joints and good messages to each other. When I got on stage the energy was dope as well. The venue Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom had amazing sound and lights and even a huge disco ball in the middle. It's a venue I am happy to have played because it isn't so easy to be on that stage. Mystikal performed right after I did and it was dope to see him perform all those classics in the flesh. Denver's underground were in the building too, acts like G Slick, Doobie Newton & Ray Reed rocked the stage and repped for all their areas in Colorado. Overall the show was just as dope as the weed. - Prez P

Denver was a blast. I got to try various strains like Tigers Milk, Alien Rock Candy, Bordello, Tahoe OG, and Ghost OG. My favorite strain was the Tahoe OG. The best doobie I'd say was our 14 gram super Raw cone stuffed with almost every strain I just mentioned, I can't even remember how I made it back to Miami after all that smoke. - Gutta

To me smoking is something I do more of when writing than recording, which is two different processes for me. While writing I'm smoking to catch the vibe of the beat, it helps me get deeper into my zone. While recording I usually don't smoke as much because I want to keep my voice fresh, especially during long sessions. Either way it's a frequent in my daily life style even though I take my breaks every so often. - Big Nics

The significance of 4/20 and Hip-hop is a very intertwining relationship. As far as I can remember hip-hop has always embraced marijuana, from artist such as Snoop Dogg, Daz Dilinger and Kurrupt, to Red Man & Method Man, and Wiz Khalifa. Over the last fifteen years because of the artist I named earlier you see that 4/20 has become a more mainstream day so much so that it's damn near become an unofficial holiday. And with multiple states now allowing marijuana to become legal it isn't as taboo as it was in the 80's, 90's, and early 2000's. Hip-hop has helped usher in a new way of thinking towards the use of marijuana and the 4/20 weed smokers holiday. You peep this with 4/20 concerts with Snoop and Wiz or with Red and Method or Currensy all across the nation, and soon to be added to that list is Prez P, Big Nics, and Travie Bowe. - G Wag


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