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Luni and Kosi Talk "Self-Made Miami"

by Napps Pascal

Luni and Kosi Talk  "Self-Made Miami"

This past Saturday, Self Made Miami, presented by Props and Bonds, hit the 8&9 Showroom. The event was full of creative Miami individuals and vendors, networking and sharing their talents. In addition, there were performances by Silent Hand, Keilah Rose, Prez P, J. Nics, Starve Marv and many more! Luni and Kosi describes their experience and what it takes to be event coordinators thru the ups and downs.

[Luni Lovin]

Opportunity. Difficult to find, easy to miss, and hard to pass up. When you wait on someone else to give you an opportunity, you'll find yourself constantly missing out.

8&9 have set themselves apart from other local clothing brands by having world wide goals and making themselves a staple of the creative Miami culture. We as Props and Bonds have followed suit in setting ourselves apart from other event companies by being deep rooted in the history of our city's artistic culture and embodying the passion for uplifting our community instead of trying to get a leg up on everyone else.

So whether you're an ABA Jewels type, putting in overtime to hand craft jewelry for modern-day goddesses or if you're the Colossal Ink type, curating art exhibitions that are truly representative of the visual artistic talent in Miami. #SelfMadeMiami was an event that achieved in delivering unparalleled entertainment and connecting the kind of people who know their worth and refuse to wait around for a handout.

[Kosi Victor]

One of the biggest obstacles in curating events is finding a location cool enough to turn your ideas into a reality. The Showroom by 8AND9 is definitely that: cool.
The clothing store as a backdrop is a perfect aesthetic for our crowd. Not only does it remind people of the culture we come from, but it gives people a chance to actually shop if they need a last minute change up for the occasion. The lot, where we held our #SelfMadeMiami event, is extremely spacious and can be transformed into virtually anything given the right imagination. To top it off the 8AND9 crew was there every step of the way to ensure we had everything we needed.
We can't wait to go back to the drawing board and come up with something truly special to host at The Showroom by 8AND9.

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