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SXSW 2016 With Da Camp *Prez-P x Big Nics*

by Napps Pascal

SXSW 2016 With Da Camp *Prez-P x Big Nics*

SXSW, one of the biggest festivals in North American region was a couple weeks ago and had record breaking numbers from the previous years. Some of Miami's natives, Da Camp, along with Big Nics and Prez P decided to share their experiences with us while reppin' 8&9 Spring 2016 Collection. Hear what they had to say about the festival.

"SXSW is a great experience that I would recommend to anyone who is trying to expand from their local markets to branding their company nationally, especially for the music. It allows for the new artist such as Big Nics and Prez P to network and meet new fans and other new and up and coming artist. The experience of seeing my artist hit the stage at a Tony Neal showcase or grab the mic at a cypher during 'Sway in The Morning' is priceless. What better way to connect to the people in person rather than just through online networks, and the joy I get from hearing a person say "oh Prez P I've heard of him before, I like him" or "Big Nics, I rock with his music" is comparable to none."- Gwag of G&G management

Sxsw in three words, "A must do".

It's the perfect experience it's like tailgating for artists.

With a twist of seeing a show or showcase you would never see anywhere else, somethings are hard to get into but if you really want too, there's a way if there's a will. Same goes for artists if you really want this you'll find a way around anything.Beard out. - Gutta of GnG management

"SXSW is a great experience for anyone who loves music, artist or fan. As an artist it gives the opportunity to link with other like minded artists; I myself have made alot of great connections from my times there. Being able to go from on stage to being with the people who are fans or new fans of the music is the most organic way to me. I make music for the people so you can deliver it straight to them no middleman."- Big Nics

Sxsw was a dope experience once again this year. While out there networking and pushing my music and brand I got to link up with some ogs on the game like talib kweli, wyclef and master p. I also met a lot young artist like myself from all over who shared the same drive as I did. It's always cool to find new fans and creatives out there that have great energy and good vibes. – Prez P

Check out more from Prez P. and Big Nics below.

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