2016 Sneaker Con Cleveland Recap

by Ray Figgs

2016 Sneaker Con Cleveland Recap

2016 sneaker con cleveland recap (2)

The greatest sneaker Show on Earth return to Cleveland Ohio for the second time. We were hype to return to Cleveland because of how much love we received last year. We teamed up with Freehand Profit to deliver 3 tables of exclusive merchandise along with the limited edition sneaker gas mask he created. This time around we brought out the red Ewing mask and a brand new resin mask in the Cleveland Jade colorway. The Cleveland Jade mask is a 1 of 1 and was only available for purchase at the show. The mask sold as soon as the doors opened but the buyer allowed us to keep it on the table throughout the show.

2016 sneaker con cleveland recap (1)

Along with our sneaker match tees, we brought out a limited amount of items from our Narcos collection and more. These were set aside specifically for Sneaker Con Cleveland. So if you were lucky, you got a rare or sold out item unavailable online or in stores! Shout out to everyone who copped. I also brought out a few pairs of kicks to resell. I had Supreme Vans, Pirate Yeezy 350 Boost, Pink Jordan 12s and Jordan Aqua 8s. I sold everything besides the Aquas, and even got my hands on a pair of Jordan 9 "Motorboats" in my size. Sold my Yeezys under market, I hate haggling, had most of my kicks sold by 3pm, with 4 hours to spare to concentrate on 8&9 lol. Winning, for sure. All in All, I gotta say it was a good day. ( Ice Cube voice)

As usual, we teamed up with Sneaker Con to create an exclusive t-shirt for anyone lucky enough to get their hands on it. Our Cleveland Sneaker Con shirt was limited to 100 pieces and sold out by the end of the show. Our next stop will be Bay Area and Chicago the week after so stay tuned for more info on that here on our blog!

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