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Fabes Sole Brings Jordan 3 Doernbecher Back To Life

by Ray Figgs

Fabes Sole Brings Jordan 3 Doernbecher Back To Life

Fabes_Sole_Brings_Jordan_3_Doernbecher_Back_To_Life_2If you've been following me throughout the years you know that I am a big fan of the Jordan 3. It's been my mission to collect as many Jordan 3s as possible in colorways that I like the most. The DB3 took me some time to track down for a reasonable price. I finally got my hands on a pair at Sneakercon DMV in October of 2014.

Jordan DB3Needless to say I was super excited about getting them, but I was careless about preserving the icey ness of the soles. I brought em out for All star weekend in NYC while walking around 34th Street checking out all of the new releases. Although the weather was good for that day, it had snowed earlier that weekend and the ground was wet, dirty and Im sure still had some salt residue going on . Basically just not a good look for Icy soles. When I got home I realized my soles has yellowed worse the they already was. I was tight, but I knew that I had someone special that could bring them back to life!

Fabes Sole Brings Jordan 3 Doernbecher Back To Life (3)Here's where my homie Fabes Sole comes into play. He has been icing out soles for a long time, and has been trusted with some very expensive kicks to do so. It was a no brainer that the Fabes Sole Sauce was the way to go! I sent him my Jordan DB 3s and a pair of Zen Air Yeezys. If you know your sneakers, you know those are two expensive shoes that you just don't trust with anybody. I knew my treasures would be in safe hands so I had no worries, I just waited patiently to see the final product. As you can see, Fabes really brought my DBs back to life. The soles are super clean and icey! I would reccomend this to any sneakerhead that was in my position. The kicks look so much better now with the sole iced out. Basically they look like a totally new shoe!

Fabes Sole Brings Jordan 3 Doernbecher Back To Life (4)Fabes Sole Sauce is the most advanced deoxidizing formula on the market. Developed from 6 deoxidizing agents with the perfect chemical balance to bring back even the worst of soles and is rated #1 by most sneakerheads. He carries a variety of products from sneaker cleaners, Sole Sauce, traveling sneaker bags, and also a Sole Protector that will aid in keeping your sole fresh! Click here to check out the Fabes Sole website

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