Agenda Miami 2016 Recap

by Napps Pascal

Agenda Miami 2016 Recap

Agenda Tradeshow made its stop in Miami January 18th and 19th and it was a great success.  The tradeshow that is known internationally that is known for surf, street, and skate wear brought many different brands from all over. Of course, being the home to Miami’s Streetwear brand, 8&9 Mfg. Co. made sure to be in the building. Check out some of the thoughts various people had about the tradeshow first trip to Miami.

 " Agenda Miami brought out a diverse crowd of creative minds and brands that come together to make up this culture we represent. And for the first time, these brands were brought into our backyard and got a chance to live and experience what we rap about and how we live'in! " - Jet

"Miami is internationally recognized as a design hub.. Having a meeting of creatives like Agenda here is a natural fit.  We had a great time and really had a chance to shine as a hometown brand." - Ed

"We're stoked to have Agenda in our city! Thank you to the Agenda team and all our retail friends who came out to make a great show." - Ray G.

"It was exciting to see Agenda visit our home, hopefully Miami will turn into a permanent destination for Agenda, giving the industry and the southeast its time in the sun." - Jay Teal


 "The energy at the Miami Agenda show was incredible. I'm definitely looking forward to the Summer Show!"-  Figgs

 It was a first for me, the underdogs were who impressed me. - Darryl


"It was great to see the locals shine in every aspect. Miami brands really had the opportunity to showcase what the lifestyle is all about."  - Napps


 "Almost everyone had the best fabrics, very few had authentic brands". - DG


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