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"Zoolander 2" Miami Screening x Prize Pack February 9th!

by Napps Pascal

"Zoolander 2" Miami Screening x Prize Pack February 9th!

#Zoolander2 will be playing in theaters February 12th all over the nation but here's your chance to receive a prize pack and two tickets to a free screening Tuesday February 9th in Miami!

1. Follow @8and9 on Instagram

2. Like the "Zoolander 2" post

3. Tag two friends you would want to go with.

The prize pack consist of (1) branded selfie stick, (1) branded pair of headphones, and (2) tickets to the advanced screening on Tuesday, February 9 @ 8PM in Miami. Winner will be announced at 9pm Monday February 8th. Good luck!


Blue Steel.  Le Tigre.  Magnum… looks powerful enough to halt a Chinese throwing star mid-air and thwart the plans of an evil mastermind’s global takeover. There is only one male model and one male model alone who is capable of conjuring such beauty and power with a pout… Derek Zoolander.

When we last saw male models Derek (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson), they were enjoying the wonders of the “Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too,” and Mugatu (Will Ferrell) was behind bars. An unforeseen catastrophe strikes the Center and forces the duo into seclusion, living off the grid.  Fifteen age-defying years later we find a still shamed Derek and Hansel leading isolated, separate lives, shut-out from the rest of the world.

When each receives a special invitation to star in a major world fashion event in the ancient and mysterious city of Rome, they are unable to deny the allure of returning to their former glory and make their way back to civilization.  Upon arrival, Derek and Hansel meet the bizarre and eccentric designers that are behind the new fashion empire. The two rapidly realize the fashion world they once knew has drastically changed, thrusting them awkwardly and literally back into the spotlight.

While they struggle to find relevance in this strange new world of blogging, vlogging, and anti-fashion fashion, they are recruited to help stop a calculated and deadly plot that if not stopped, would destroy forever the hopes for fashion to return to its revered and glorious status. Only Derek and Hansel have the power to SAVE FASHION.

Paramount Pictures presents a Red Hour / Scott Rudin Production— ZOOLANDER 2. The film is directed by Ben Stiller from a screenplay written by Justin Theroux and Ben Stiller & John Hamburg and Nicholas Stoller. Stiller, Owen Wilson, and Will Ferrell reprise their roles from the first film. Penélope Cruz and Kristen Wiig join the all-star cast. The film is produced by Stiller, Stuart Cornfeld, Scott Rudin, Clayton Townsend, and Jeff Mann.

Director of photography is Dan Mindel.  Production Designer is Jeff Mann. Costume designer is Leesa Evans. The film is edited by Greg Hayden.

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