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by Bold Apps

DJ Lucky C

North Miami's own DJ Lucky C is celebrating his birthday weekend with various parties at various Miami hot spots. Between DJ'ing at L'Boulevard, G5ive, running Shoneville Radio and being part of Ground Work Boyz, Lucky C is a very busy DJ. 8&9 got a chance to catch up with him to to put together a 8&9 Showroom Playlist and a profile on who DJ Lucky C is. Check it out below.


DJ Lucky C


GroundWork Boyz (GWB)/ShoneVille



Currently Working On:

I'm currently working on the "GroundWork Season" Compilation Series. Trying to bring back the essence of a real mixtape. Mixing new Mainstream and Underground records. The first compilation was released November 19th, second on January 19th and the third will be released on March 19th.

Also, I’m working on the 6th installment of my Valentine's Day Mix "seXXXplicit".

Current Residency:

G5ive Gentleman's Club and L'Boulevard (Regular Club)

Biggest Challenge As A DJ:

Adjusting from the regular club to the strip club and then learning how to balance both.

Best Moment As A DJ:

Winning the "Best Club DJ" Award. The year before, I set the goal to win and reached my goal.

DJ Essentials:

Be alert. Be innovative. Be willing to step outside the box.

1 Song That Gets the Party Going: 

Meek Mill - Dreams & Nightmares. I've played that song almost everywhere and the reaction is always crazy!

Biggest Pet Peeve:

People not enjoying the party. Just sitting on their phone and watching other people enjoy life. Take your necessary footage and enjoy the party!

One Fad You Wish Would Die:

Dudes wearing tight clothes lol

Favorite Sneakers/Shoes:

Air Jordan's. Got a Crazy collection. The Retro 12s are my absolute favorite!

One Thing You Can’t Live Without:  

Music. I need music to function. That's why I love what I do.

What Miami Means To You:

Miami is home. Miami means everything to me because there is no other place like it. Talking about the real Miami. North Miami, Lil Haiti, Carol City, Liberty City, Overtown. If you can survive here.. No one can stop you.

One Quote That You Live By:

The “GWB” Motto, “You get what you work for”

Last Words:

Hard work always pays off. Don't ever get too comfortable. Be willing to grow and learn. GroundWork is a way of life! Much Love to the 8&9 family for the love! Hey Now!

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