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8&9 Pop Up Shop At The Link Up

by Jason Peiso

8&9 Pop Up  Shop At The Link Up

8and9 Link Up-7 the link up event is a monthly happy hour event held at the Macaya art gallery in downtown Miami with with music from DJ Bre, Dj Vybz, etc.  There $20 open bar from 6-8pm. There is a different drink special every hour on the hour. At this event you can see some of south Florida artist showcase their work, while listen to some of the latest sounds in music. We had the opportunity to bring our store in the form of a pop at their last event. We launched or newest collection their, the "Pain Full Collection", which used references and elements from the movie. The party was dope,many creatives under one roof, and open bar to create the vibes, if you ever have the opportunity check out their party, you will not be disappointed, they will be celebrating their one year anniversary in September.

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